new site address

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so, i decided that i wanted to have a different site url than   now it’s

they look pretty much the same, but that’s where i’ll be now.


and because there’s the import/export feature, there’s all the old posts and everything.

change your bookmarks, all that.

do you like the new url?  i mean, if you can like a url.


amy’s big umbrella

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amy’s hair is very red… she put henna in it.






^amy got a huge umbrella at ikea.  all big and yellow and blue with ikea on it.  walking advertisement.  it’s big enough to keep her and her backpack dry, as well as fit our entire family under.


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as you all know, our room was painted this summer.  dull white to a lovely blue.  we got rid of the bunk bed clara and i shared, and now have two twin beds.  i changed my comforter by turning it upside down.  it used to be this sailor/nautical theme, now it’s white.  clara has a reversible comforter too, and its this lovely purply brown pattern now.  i have a hanging paper lantern, now clara has one too.  my dresser is between our beds, her dresser is on the opposite wall.  i have a lovely jewelry tree on my dresser.  function and beauty, right?  and the rug on the floor ($3 ikea) really defines the floor space.  except you can’t see it…  changes still to come: curtains, coat rack for clara, and bookshelf.



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this is so great.  link [here.]


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^ i’m loving how the balloons look, aren’t you?  this picture was rather hard to take… just because it was into the sun and i was afraid i was like burning out my sensor or something.


^ clara’s cake.  this is what results of cake decorating skills after 9 at night.  yes, 33 candles although she’s only 14.

we roasted hot dogs and had chili for dinner, and smores and cake and ice cream for dessert.


^ i’m not sure what she was reacting to… but it’s funny.


we all smell like smoke now.

its a birthday day

•October 22, 2009 • 2 Comments

norma's clara&dad

clara and dad ate breakfast at norma’s cafe this morning.   the traditional birthday breakfast.


^ the birthday cake.  spice cake, complete with raisins and walnuts.


^clara’s birthday dinner: carrot soup and ham with mustard.


^ melissa with her pumpkins


•October 21, 2009 • 3 Comments

abortion is horrible.

the baby is alive, already a person.  he can feel pain.

when you abort a baby, you kill a person.  abortion is murder.

how can people be so callous that they do this as a job?  okay, i’m going to go kill babies today.

it hurts to know that this happens.  that people don’t know, or don’t care.

that human life isn’t special enough to save it.

knowledge is good, but when we use that knowledge to do horrible things, is it good anymore?